Color, really, is the Heart of the Festive Season


Christmas wouldn’t be as sparkly and fun as we know it if there wasn’t so much color displayed during this season. Whether you are reserved and wary of too much color, conservative and swear by the traditional Christmas colors or bubbly and wouldn’t mind trying out a few new color combinations, this simple guide will point you in the right direction when picking colors.

Reds and greens

This is the combination of what are considered the traditional Christmas colors. You will find these two colors in abundance across all stores, as they are still the most popular Christmas colors in use to date. You can make them the mainstay of your Christmas décor and complement them with ornaments in other, preferably neutral, colors.

green and red christmas decor

red and green christmas table decor

christmas color - red and green

Silver and gold

These two are quickly becoming a favorite in any homes around the festive season. They also blend well with red and green, and can be used to complement a red and green theme. Or they can form the basis of your festive décor theme and you complement them with red and green ornaments.

gold christmas decorating

gold colored christmas table decor

christmas decoration idea with silver and gold

Blue and other colors

The use of blue as a preferred festive color is also quite common, as is white. You may also settle for any other color combination of your liking when planning your decor. Just be sure to check that it harmonizes red, green and gold well, as most Christmas ornaments and decorations still come in these colors.

christmas decor with blue tones

christmas decor with blue tones

christmas decorating with blue color

christmas decorating with blue color

very cute blue christmas tree

very cute blue christmas tree

blue christmas tree

blue christmas wreath design

blue christmas wreath design

Use different colors to give your home a personal festive touch this Christmas.

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