Tips to Lighting up your kitchen


Before you shop for lighting for your kitchen, you need to think about what YOU require for YOUR kitchen. Everyone has different needs, and you need to choose light fittings accordingly.

If you are going to be using your kitchen countertops a lot, you need to consider getting under-cabinet lighting. Whether LED or otherwise, this is necessary especially if your cabinets are deep and for those occasions that require night-time cooking.

under-cabinet lighting idea for your kitchen

under-cabinet lighting idea for your kitchen

under-cabinet lighting

under cabinet kitchen lighting

The previous tip also brings us to the point of the height of the ceiling lamps and the length of the cord. There are important considerations, especially if your lights will be hardwired. It would also depend on where you would place this lighting; will it hand over bare space, or over a kitchen island? and so on.

ceiling lamps for kitchen

ceiling lamps for kitchen

kitchen ceiling lamps

ceiling lamp for kitchen

It is absolutely essential that you are able to clean your light fittings easily, due to the amount of frying and cooking you will be doing, as time goes by, your kitchen fittings will be much more dirty and greasy than your lamps elsewhere in the house. Cleaning lamps that are too high, or have complicated designs will be very difficult.

You could even opt to go for Chandelier lighting to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. With its’ soft lighting, it will give your kitchen a warm ambience and is great for open kitchens.

chandelier for kitchen

chandelier for white kitchen

chandelier idea for kitchen design

chandelier design for kitchen lighting

chandelier design for kitchen lighting

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