Best Textiles to Use in the Bedroom for a Personalized Feel and Look


Textiles play a big role in home decorating. They are often what set the tone and mood in any room. Creative use of textiles in the bedroom will make this room more intimate, elegant or glamorous, depending on what you want to achieve.

A luxurious textile will cheer you up : These textiles also add a rich look to the room. Their softness invites you to touch them or simply wrap yourself in them. Take your pick from velvets, cashmeres and silks. For maximum effect, use them on the window or as beddings.


Glamorous textiles : Cashmere, mohair and woolen rugs have a glamorous touch that will radiate in the bedroom. Take it a step further with mirrors. Place a mirror above the bed, on the ceiling or on the wall opposite your bed for a dazzling effect.

bedroom textiles glamour

Cozy textiles : These make the room appear more personalized and intimate. If your bedroom is huge, a large shag rug covering the entire floor length will make it appear warm and inviting. Wallpaper too is another option that will create a feeling of intimacy. The extra layer it adds on the walls makes the room seem smaller, hence more intimate.

bedroom design

Playing around with different textiles will change the overall atmosphere and mood in the bedroom.

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