Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Experience


More and more people seek to recreate the spa experience in their homes, and the bathroom is the ideal place where this can happen. You too can enjoy spa-like relaxation right inside your bathroom. All you need is to make the bathroom exceptionally comfortable and refreshing. Here is how to do it.

Fit in a large, deep soaking tub. This is the centerpiece of a spa and your bathroom needs one for you to be able to sink it and de-stress. Air baths are the other luxurious option you can use. Complement the tub with essential and natural oils such as lavender and rose water, which relax and rejuvenate the body.

large bat tub like spa

The shower

Where you previously used one showerhead, you now need several. They should be of varying size and flow. Mount preset body sprays on the walls and ceilings from where they can hit different parts of the body. When shopping for these, check that they are spa quality for the best effect. They come with preset controls, and steam and water options.

bathroom spa idea

bathroom spa shower

bathroom shower tub like a spa


You will have to adjust the lighting in the bathroom. Replace intense directional lighting with low intensity, non-directional light that emits a calming glow. Colored lighting will also help transform the mood of the bathroom into one of relaxation. Use elegant light fixtures.

bathroom charming lighting

bathroom soft lighting

soft bathroom lighting

Apply these tips to bring the spa effect to your bathroom and enjoy its therapeutic appeal.

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