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Choosing the perfect office lighting


While nothing beats natural lighting during the day, every home office decorator must ensure that the right lighting fixtures are chosen for night-time work and for those gloomy days when there’s no sunlight.

Precision lighting is absolutely vital for an office room, which is why you need to have a task desk light. From clip-on desk lamps, to stand-alone lamps, you may choose from a variety of different styles and colors to match with the rest of your furnishings.

clip-on desk lamp for office

clip-on desk lamp

clip-on desk lamp design

If most of your work involves using a computer, you need to ensure that you prevent the occurrence of headaches due to straining he eyes. In order to reduce the glare from the monitor therefore, you may install LED lights behind your PC.

LED lights behind computer

LED lights behind pc

led light idea for behind the computer

You would also need to consider the height of your lamps, especially if you opt to go for a chandelier or ceiling light. If you have a high ceiling, the light should come down low enough for you to be able to concentrate on your work.

height of your office light

height of office lighting

While ceiling lamps may be too dull for an office room, you may consider installing them in the corners of your office room, to give the space a soft and cosy feel.

office lighting for corners

corner office lighting

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